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Since 1979, Hines has shown leadership in the balancing industry. For customers who require rapid response to balancing needs or who have limited need for balancing, Hines is here to help. Hines Industries offers a fully equipped balancing services lab. Our lab offers dynamic and static balancing on horizontal and vertical balancing machines. Hines balancing service can accommodate parts of 1 to 300 lbs and diameters up to 36 inches. Correction options include: drilling, milling, grinding, welding and epoxy. Hines balancing service is very cost effective. In most cases this can result in a large cost saving for your organization. Hines offers the additional benefit of providing tooling or fixtures required to balance your parts. Balanced part certification is available.
 Industries Served:

• Automotive & Industrial Truck

• Agriculture

• Defense

• Energy, Power Generation & Pumps

• Fan & Blower 

Hines specializes in assisting customers with development and balancing of their prototype parts. Our balancing lab provides an opportunity to test and balance prototypes during the early stages of development saving you time and money by finding potential issues before they become problematic. Hines can provide consulting, part analysis, and recommendations on part design to minimize initial production unbalance, lowering your down downstream costs for balance tooling and correction times. Hines is a certified Woman Owned Business by the WBENC. All of Hines machines are made in the USA. 

Customer Showcase

"We have had two Hines Non-Rotating Balancers for a little over 2 years now. In the two years that we have had the two machines we’ve used them to balance 100,000 parts per month. The machines read the amount and angle of unbalance in about one second! We have found the machines to be very reliable, the service is good, and overall we are very satisfied with our Hines balancing machines."

Gregory, Engineer

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