Understand limitations for how parts can be balanced.

Differentiating between misalignment and imbalance is essential to identifying the cause of pump failure.

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What Is Balancing?

Balancing is the procedure by which the mass distribution of a rotor is checked and, if necessary, adjusted in order to ensure that the vibration of the journals and/or forces on the bearings at a frequency corresponding to service speed are within specified limits. 

Written by Dawn Hines and Robin DeRousse, Hines Industries, Inc. and Jerzy Moszynski, MMS ANSIFLO Pump

Pumps are sent to rebuilding and remanufacturing companies because buying new can be expensive and require long lead times. For instance, a 39 in diameter, 1,000 lb bronze impeller may cost $28,000 and take many weeks to deliver. In these cases, the impellers involved in an overhaul are often built back up to the required specifications and rebalanced.

Written by Dawn Hines and Robin DeRousse, Hines Industries, Inc. and Jerzy Moszynski, MS ANSIFLO Pump

Pumps and pump systems are unique, engineered products that require specialized knowledge in all phases of repair, rebuilding and balancing. When pumps fail, costs add up quickly for repairs, replacement parts and plant downtime. Costs for lost production alone can add $5,000 to $200,000 per hour to the total cost of a pump failure.


Gordon E. Hines and Michael J. Myers

Hines Industries, Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan

Note: This article assumes an understanding of the basics of balancing.

1.0 Establishing Realistic Tolerances

There is a misconception that balance problems in a motor can be cured by balancing the armature to a tighter balance specification. Unless other sources of unbalance are also considered, this only raises the cost of balancing the armature, slows production, and in some cases, still ends up with noisy out of balance assemblies. What should be done is to take care of the real problems, and not expect the armature balancing machine to work miracles.

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