Balancing Solutions for Manufacturing Excellence

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Drill Press Option

The Mill/Drill Combination allows the operator to make necessary corrections without leaving the machine. The drill can be purchased without a mill table.

The mill/drill head rotates 180 degrees to accommodate the separate functions: mill pistons and rod ends, or drilling and tapping operations, all with the same machine. Optional features:

  • Milling, drilling, and tapping
  • Workpiece capacity:

    • cast iron @ 1-9/16"
      mild steel @ 1-1/4"

  • Massive 3" diameter quill
  • 5" spindle stroke
  • Head tilts 90 degrees right and left
  • Lowest tool speed - 60 rpm (60Hz)
  • R8 collet accepts Bridgeport tooling
  • Mill Drill on Crankshaft Balancer with Depth Encoder Option
    Mill/drill shown mounted on the Dominator Crankshaft Balancer with graphic depth encoder option.