Balancing Solutions for Manufacturing Excellence

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Mandrel Sets For Balancing

Hines manufactures mandrels that will allow an operator to balance rotating components with different bore sizes on a cradle style balancing machine. Rotating components include flywheels, flexplates, pulleys, dampers, pump impellers, slick tyres or tires, wheels and tires, fans, turbocharger compressor wheels, etc. The mandrel may also be used to test the calibration of your cradle balancing machine. Contact Hines Industries to see which mandrel or mandrels are best suited for your parts and processes and to see if it will run on your Hines Industries, Schenck, American Hofmann, Stewart Warner, Heins, or other cradle balancing machine.

Flying Mandrel Set

Standard Mandrel Set

Small Flywheel Mandrel Set

Small Mandrel Set