Balancing Solutions for Manufacturing Excellence

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Balancing Machines and Rebuild Balancing Equipment

Hines Industries is a world leader in balancing equipment, design innovation and manufacturing process improvement. Our balancing equipment can be found around the globe at major industrial manufacturers and in the machine shops of high performance racing greats. To view dynamic balancing machines for your industry, click on the photos below.
35 year award for innovation in balancing machine design and manufacturing
Hines offers leading edge vertical and horizontal, static (non-rotating) and dynamic (rotating), balancing machines with multi-plane correction, and manual to assembly line-ready balancing processes. New, refurbished, and used balancing equipment is available. Services include manufacturing improvement analysis, balancing services, training, machine calibration and repair.
Other Hines products include rebuilding equipment, mass centering machines, moment weighing equipment, CNC machine center balancers, straightening presses, lathes, scales, tooling, and replacement sensors. All Hines balancing machines are hard bearing for permanent calibration.